£450 per day or £225 for 1/2 day

Bespoke support and advice in implementing the Code of Practice within your school. Example support includes:

  • SEN audits, implementing the graduated approach, provision mapping and costing.
  • Implementing Pupil Overview of Provision (POP) documents and procedures across school.
  • Support with monitoring across SEND – in line with OFSTED guidance.
  • Guidance and support in complying with the SEN Code Of Practice 2015.
  • Guidance on SEND law – IPSEA level 3 trained.
  • Keeping you in the loop of the ever changing picture of SEND, locally and nationally.
  • Governor and Senior leadership training – what are their responsibilities regarding SEND in school.
  • Writing and monitoring of policies.
  • Intervention ideas and support.
  • Supporting and engaging parents and children – at the heart of the process.
  • Inclusive ethos building within schools.
  • SEN action plans with next steps including SWOT analysis.

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